Monday, March 11, 2013

Come home

Ivy sweety, just come home. I know you're scared of this Slender Man thing but its nothing the cops can't handle.

Do you need us to pick you up? Are you checking this? I hope to god you are.

Everyone is worried sick. Your mother hasn't stopped crying since you left. She keeps reading your note over and over again. She literally cried herself to sleep tonight. I know your scared and you believe this stupid fairy tale shit but its all fake. Someome messing with you and if you don't come back right now then their little trick will have worked. You should have called the cops or us instead of running off like a moron.

I know you like to handle things on your own but this isn't like learning to cook or figuring out your medicine schedule, this if your life.

Please baby girl, just come home.

Never Not Something

Its't never nothing. Not ever.

They're gone. All gone. Disappeared one by one. My parents say I'm not allowed to leave. They're afraid I'll disappear too, just like all my friends. But its never so simple is it? The cops seem to think I did it, that the fact that I'm the only one left makes me the bad girl. They think I'm hiding something.

"What did you do? If you didn't do it then tell us what you all got yourself into. You can't possibly expect us to believe they all disappeared by coincidence."

Its uncanny. Same school, same teacher, many of the same curricular activities, but as the friend I'm somehow the obvious suspect! Fucking bullshit.

All though I suppose they are a little right. I know something I ain't telling them. I know what happened to them. Sort of. I know he got them. The tall man. The stone bees one. Slender guy.

It all started when me and my friends went to a party dressed as him to fuck with a few assholes that seemed legitimately scared of him. They ran screaming. It was hilarious. And then we realized there was one to many slender guys in the room.

We all turned to the stranger.

"Who the fuck is that?" I said. I could feel my words slur and I got dizzy. We... we all blacked out. And when we woke up, Jack was gone.

We thought he might have just woken up first and gone home or something. But he didn't come to school. And then the cops started asking questions...

That's when Trish was found ripped apart in the woods.

"Must have been a bear," they said. They didn't find a whole lot of her.

'Phone signs' started showing up in places. Then Tommy disappeared. When they checked his room they found it filled with those stupid signs. One side of the room was with papers covering the wall, the next wall the telemarketer signs were drawn right onto the wall, the wall after that the signs were carved in, and the last sign... the signs were in blood... some of it tested positive as Trish's blood.

I don't even know what happened to Curt. He just disappeared. I assume he decided he wasn't gonna sit around to die. Maybe he became a masked freak like that one feller. Hard to say.

But for whatever reason, I thought I was safe. That it was all nothing in the grand scheme of things and I would be fine.

I hadn't seen old man slender since that night. Not once. My friends disappearing and dying around me and the likely culprit was no where to be seen... as least as far as I could see.

And it was really odd that I didn't see him. I was worried I wouldn't know it was really him if I did start seeing him. I'm... well, I'm schizophrenic. And I see things sometimes. My meds usually keep out all the really, really, weird stuff but... I still often see 'things'.

So more than a month went by and I didn't even hallucinate seeing him. But hes there now. I can see him 'staring' up this way from Curt's house. Every hour he gets closer. He 'moved' to the side walk at some point when I wasn't watching.

I'm afraid if I stay here, I'm going to die.

So I'm leaving.

I need to find Curt or Jack and... probably kill Tommy and as many other masked freaks as I can before Slender Stalks gets me. I don't know that it will help anyone or accomplish anything but I... if I'm gonna die I want to know I 'did' something.

And... after a lot of thought I decided I'm leaving my meds behind. I... I don't imagine I'll be able to function very well without them but with what little I have gathered about skinny man, he attacks you through your knowledge of him and if I can't see him because of all the other crazy shit I'm seeing... maybe, just maybe I can stay alive... maybe.

Mom and Dad, I'm sure your reading this. This started as writing exercise to clear my thoughts but I decided this is also gonna be my farewell letter so I left it open on your computer so you could find it. Don't try to find me. I'm... Its better this way, you know? You'll be safer.  This very impersonal letter, its good bye. Please don't try to find me, and don't go looking into the whole Slender Guy thing okay?

Just... don't die. I mean it. Life... its a privilege. So you enjoy yours. Do it for me.

Please just... I'm... rambling. Hes at the tree already. I've spent too much time trying to write this stupid thing.

Just goodbye, alright? Goodbye.